In the frame of Aerospace Valley Cluster, the DAS (Stategic Activities Domain) ESE (Electronics & Embedded Equipment’s) was organized a forum on “New Power Electronics Components: Interconnections & Packaging – Innovations et Challenges”.
This forum was done in Primes Innovations premises (Tarbes-France) on November 15th 2017.
During this event, NEXTER Electronics presented the WInSiC4AP project (Project presentation).
Forum context: The electrification of embedded systems and the associated power electronics constitute a challenge of innovative transport and contribute to environmental and energetic transition.
All sectors are concerned, the more electric plane, the automobile, the railway, the clean and economical mobility, … and in the future the idea, for example, of a capsule evolving levitation with the project of a R&D center and tests in Toulouse which will open new prospects.
In this context, next-generation power components need to contribute to performance improvement (electrical, high operating temperature …) and reducing the weight and volume of power electronics devices, by satisfying requirements and constraints of embedded applications (reliability, harsh environments, etc.).
Nexter Electronics paper (abstract).